We are a Kansas Maine Coon breeder of these gorgeous Maine Coon Queens. Our August Queens have beautiful, sweet, and healthy Maine Coon kittens.

Our queens are very special and get treated like the queens they are! We take excellent care of our Queen cats. Lots of daily attention, and a lot of love are put into our cattery to ensure we are breeding healthy, beautiful, and sweet Maine Coon kittens.


Nova was born October 21, 2021 and she is a beautiful Black Tortie with a beautiful coat and the most desired demeanor. All she wants is to curl up and in your lap. She is the best talker and loves to have conversations in “maine coon chirps”.

She has an amazing pedigree with multiple champions. We are so excited to have her in our cattery.



Caly was born July 25, 2023, and has a very rich, Black Silver Classic Bicolor (ns 03) coat and classic Maine coon features. She has very large eyes with the sweetest expression.  Especially if she’s trying to convince you to not move while she’s laying in your lap. 

Caly has a lovable personality, loves playing with the dog, and like our other purebred Maine coon cats and kittens, she is a descendant of champion bloodlines.


Thalia was born October 31, 2023 and she is a beautiful black classic tabby coat with beautiful features and the most loving personality. She is very demanding of wanting to be in the same room with us.  She  loves to play fetch, chasing toys and bringing them back.

She has decided she belongs to our teenage daughter and has become the emotional support cat for the ever changing teenage life. We are so excited to have her in our cattery and look forward to watching her grow.

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Our Maine Coon cats are registered with TICACFA and ACFA.

You have not been loved until you have been loved by a Maine Coon.